Road to the Oscars: The Revenant

Lon Bender and Martin Hernandez are the Academy Award® nominated sound editing duo behind The Revenant. Lon is an Academy Award winning sound editor, with nominations for his work on Blood Diamond and Drive, as well as a win for Braveheart. Martin Hernandez garnered his first Sound Editing Academy Award nomination for his work on Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

In this podcast conversation with the Dolby Institute’s Glenn Kiser, Bender talks about his workspace and its impact on his work with Dolby Atmos® around minute 2:50, and gets deep into the outdoor Foley work he and his team did in Colorado around 12:10. Hernandez joins the podcast around minute 31:30, and explains how he began working with The Revenant director Alejandro González Iñárritu near the 35:30 mark. Around 40:40, Hernandez talks about how his experience in radio influences his process, and the unique ways in which he works with Inarritu to craft a soundscape.

Tune in to find out if Lon Bender and Martin Hernandez take home the Oscars® at the 88th Academy Awards, live from the Dolby Theatre® on February 28, 2016, and hear the full range of Dolby Institute podcasts here.