Road to the Oscars: Mad Max: Fury Road

David White and Mark Mangini are the Academy Award® nominated sound editing duo behind Mad Max: Fury Road. A veteran of his industry, Mangini has received nominations for his work on Aladdin, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and The Fifth Element. Mangini also famously recorded and edited the lion’s roar track in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s latest vanity card. White is an award-winning Australian sound editor best known the work on Mad Max: Fury Road that earned him this nomination.

In this conversation with the Dolby Institute’s Glenn Kiser, White and Mangini explain their roles in developing the soundscape of Mad Max: Fury Road. At 2:55, the group talks about how the relationship between sound editors can be like a marriage, and at 6:30 Mangini and White talk about the extensive final mix process for this film. At 9:30, they discuss the creative challenges and choices Mad Max: Fury Road presented, and at 12:30 they talk about the “classic” voice memos they got from director George Miller throughout the process. At 18:35 they discuss the extraordinary Osmotron, and at 22:25 Mangini shares a story that is not to be missed about Miller using his medical training on set.

Tune in to find out if David White and Mark Mangini take home the Oscars® at the 88th Academy Awards, live from the Dolby Theatre® on February 28, 2016, and hear the full range of Dolby Institute podcasts here.