Notes from the Show: Dolby Voice at Enterprise Connect

Were you in Orlando for Enterprise Connect? The Dolby Voice® team was, and we were so happy to be there. For us, it’s important to meet with customers and partners who rely on Dolby Voice for clear and productive meetings. And not just that — we also love to see the reactions of people experiencing Dolby Voice for the first time.

If you’ve ever joined a conference call, then you’re likely familiar with the challenge Dolby Voice overcomes: low-quality audio that makes meetings hard to understand and even harder to participate in. Dolby Voice changes all that, transforming calls with natural sound for more effective collaboration.

It works wonderfully — and what’s more, Dolby Voice inspires wonder, with innovative spatial audio technology that helps all participants to better follow the meeting. There’s no way we can capture the magic here on this blog…it’s something that needs to be heard to be believed.

Now, that brings us back to why we so enjoyed our trip to Orlando: We got to share Dolby Voice with you!

Enterprise Connect 2017 Expo floor

If you attended Enterprise Connect, we hope you had a chance to hear the difference of Dolby Voice. We worked closely with our partners — among the top conferencing service providers — to place special Dolby Voice listening booths across the Expo floor. (Didn’t attend? You can experience Dolby Voice in our online demo.)

Dolby Voice listening booth BlueJeans booth

Dolby Voice is now the audio solution for West, BT, and PGi (three of the five largest conferencing providers), as well as for top cloud video providers Highfive and, most recently, BlueJeans. We like to think we’re a humble bunch, but we’re so proud of these remarkable collaborations — and the occasion certainly calls for a little showing off.

Dolby Voice Listening Booth

So, did Dolby Voice impress? We’ll let demo participants do the talking.

West booth

“Wow, the sound was impressive. I could hear him moving from one ear to the other as he walked around the room. Does that all get picked up by just the Dolby Conference Phone?” — Demo participant at West booth

(By the way, yes!)

“That’s very cool! It’s so distinct….At one point I wanted to look over my shoulder because it felt like [the speaker] was right there.” — Demo participant at West booth

PGi booth

“Very impressive! Especially considering what we use.” — Demo participant at PGi/iMeet booth

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