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Working Together End to End: Dolby Professional Broadcast Ecosystem Partners

Broadcast professionals are committed to bringing the sights and sounds of the world to a viewer’s living room. Dolby Laboratories supports broadcasters in delivering on this promise every step of the way, with innovative technologies designed to create an experience that’s ever closer to the real thing.

But what if you could deliver something that’s better than being there? That allows the viewer a hand in shaping that experience?

The future is immersive and personalized
You want to pull your fans into the action for live sports with immersive audio that flows all around them? Check. You want to offer enhanced dialogue? Check. You want your viewers to be able to listen to your local sportscaster commentary on that national playoff game? Check. You want to deliver multiple language options? Check. Dolby® AC-4 makes it all possible.

And you can do all of this with a 50 percent bit rate reduction over the current audio standard for ATSC 1.0. Dolby AC-4 spares precious bandwidth, which leaves room for you to add layers of audio elements for viewers to choose from.

Power of the Professional Partner network
That’s where the ecosystem of Dolby’s Professional Partners comes in. Dolby’s Professional Partners provide the equipment to support the end-to-end delivery of the next-generation audio experiences enabled by Dolby AC-4. As shown in the following diagram, these partners provide the solutions that allow operators to integrate Dolby AC-4 into their current workflows.

Bring the future forward: get started now
Dolby AC-4 has been standardized by the ATSC, and will be included in the upcoming release of the ATSC 3.0 standard. But Dolby Professional Partners aren’t waiting for ATSC 3.0. They are propelling next-generation audio now by embracing the new technologies that will set them apart in the marketplace, whether they are creating, transmitting, or delivering content to the home.