The BT® MeetMe with Dolby® Voice™ mobile app launches today with an ambitious mission: to cure Frustrating Mobile Meeting Syndrome.

You may not have heard of FMMS, but you’ve certainly experienced it: you’re on the go and have to join a conference call. You pull up the invitation on your mobile phone so that you can find the dial-in number.

You switch to your phone’s dial pad and try to enter the phone number before you forget it. Wait, were the last four digits 1802 or 8120? Back to your calendar—it’s 8120.

You’re almost in; now you just have to enter the passcode. You go back to your calendar again—why is the passcode longer than a nuclear launch code?

Finally, you’re in. You apologize because all that futzing with numbers made you late. Immediately, someone asks, “Where are you? It sounds like there’s a jackhammer in the room.”

“Sorry,” you say, and press Mute. You spend the next hour trying to cut through the fuzzy audio to figure out who’s talking and what they’re saying. A couple of times, you want to join in, but before you can unmute your phone, someone else is talking and you can’t break through. By the time the meeting ends, you’re asking yourself, “What was the point of that?”

If that experience sounds familiar, you suffer from Frustrating Mobile Meeting Syndrome.

How does the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice mobile app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play) cure this rampant scourge?

Here are five ingenious ways:

1. Join with a touch: Forget about struggling just to join your meeting. With the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice mobile app, you simply touch a link in the meeting invitation to open the app. Tap to start a meeting you’re hosting or drop in the passcode to join a meeting. You can connect from anywhere through wi-fi, your mobile data connection or by having the meeting call your voice line.

2. Mute is moot: On most conference call services, mobile participants have to mute their line because traffic noise, wind, or construction sounds blast out everyone else on the call. BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice uses intelligent noise cancellation to virtually eliminate background noise. Other participants won’t know whether you’re calling from a busy street corner or a private office.

btmmdv-7-incall-roster3. Hear clearly: Dolby Voice raises the audio fidelity of conference calls, making the conversation clearer and easier to follow. And the same noise cancellation that cuts out street noise also takes care of the noise of other participants typing in the background or opening the wrapper on a midafternoon snack.

4. Know who’s who: If you’re using your mobile phone with earbuds or other stereo headphones, Dolby Voice technology will separate voices so that you hear each person from a distinct virtual location. Margaret will sound like she’s a bit to your left, while Jorge will seem to be speaking on your right. That voice separation makes an incredible subconscious difference—you no longer have to tax your brain figuring out who’s talking, and you can concentrate on what they have to say.

5. Join the conversation: Conventional conference calls are like conversations on a walkie-talkie—only one person can talk at a time. So if you have something vital to add, you have to wait until the speaker stops, then jump in before anyone else does. On Dolby Voice calls, more than one person can speak at once—just as in face-to-face meetings. That means others can hear you politely signal that you have something to say.

We let participants at Enterprise Connect, the leading conference and exposition on enterprise communications and collaboration, try the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice mobile app during the March 2014 show. Of those who tried it, 93 percent reported that the app delivers a better experience than dialing in to their current conference call system with a mobile phone.

You can use the app when you’re joining any BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conference call, including a BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conference call hosted by someone at another company. Don’t have access to BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice? Get more information from BT. It’s the first step to a life free from Frustrating Mobile Meeting Syndrome.