For many people, the sounds of Star Wars are at least as iconic as the movie series’ images. John Williams’s imposing score, the unique hum and swoosh of the lightsabers, Darth Vader’s ominous voice—they all bring us back to the epic battle between the Galactic Empire and the rebels.

AngryBirds_StarWars2_Character_Yoda_01_Vector_MasterIn Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds Star Wars II, all the booms, crashes, and character voices work both to pull the player into the world of the game and provide critical feedback on how they are doing. Creating these dynamic soundscapes with range, depth and distinction requires skillful sound engineering and high quality sound technology. The Dolby® Audio API for mobile made it possible to quickly integrate deeper, more accurate sound into the Kindle Fire™ HD and HDX tablet versions.

AngryBirds_StarWars2_Character_Darth-Vader_01_Vector_MasterIf you choose to play as one of the pigs (yup, you can go to the Pork Side), you’ll hear crackling static and the thrum of huge magnets as you shoot at birds inside a massive spaceship. If you’re playing as one of the heroic birds—Anakin Skywalker or Mace Windu, for instance—you’ll hear the majestic Star Wars theme swell whenever you conquer a level. And on the Kindle Fire, you can experience the beautiful orchestration of soundtracks for the Toons, those short videos that star the pigs and birds in various dramatic situations.

Mobile games are a great way to spend downtime on your commute or take a break at lunch. They quickly transport you into a different, more fun world. The sound plays a huge part in engaging you in that experience, and Dolby offers the tools to create a soundscape that really brings the game world to life.