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Six decades of Oscars openings

In preparation for the Oscars ceremony on March 2 in the Dolby Theatre, let’s take a dash through the decades of wild, glitzy Academy Award openings, from the very first televised Oscars through the stylish 1960s, gaudy 1970s, and beyond. 1953 (the first Oscars telecast): 1965: 1973: 1981: 1996: 2002:


Working backstage at the Oscars? Better bring your A-game

For actors and filmmakers nominated for an Academy Award®, the Oscars® ceremony brings moments of high tension as the presenters introduce their category, fumble with the envelope,...

How a movie gets from the film set to you

A good movie has its stars, but many people play a supporting role in bringing that movie to you, whether at the cinema, in your living room,...