When you have a great idea, it’s a fantastic feeling to see it play out in a really big way. That’s the feeling we have here at Dolby about Sharp’s demonstration at CES: an 85-inch, 8K, glasses-free 3D display, powered by Dolby® 3D multiview conversion technology, jointly developed by Dolby and Philips.

The Dolby 3D technology enhances the clarity of glasses-free 3D. It also virtually eliminates the dizziness and discomfort some people experience when they watch TV with 3D glasses on and the annoying visual artifacts you sometimes see with other glasses-free 3D systems. And it does away with narrow sweet spots, meaning you get a great 3D picture no matter where you’re sitting on the couch.

Sharp to demonstrate world’s largest glasses-free 3D TV, developed with Philips and Dolby

Shigeaki Mizushima, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sharp

To find out more about the demo, we talked with Shigeaki Mizushima, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Sharp. (If you’re attending CES, you can see the display for yourself at Sharp, located at booth 10916 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.)

Lab Notes: What 3D TV technology will Sharp show at CES?

Shigeaki Mizushima (SM): The scene-stealer is likely to be our 85-inch, 8K Glasses Free 3D display, co-developed with Philips and Dolby, that we think holds great potential and represents the future of home entertainment.

Lab Notes: 3D TV has gotten a bad rap. What has changed? Why is this the right time to reconsider 3D TV?

SM: Thanks to Dolby and Philips, there is finally a glasses-free, natural-viewing 3D solution that delivers a compelling consumer experience. In the future, with this 85-inch, 8K, glasses-free 3D display, we would like to offer a totally new 3D experience to consumers who want more from “big screen” and “high resolution” technology.

Lab Notes: What are the benefits of combining Ultra HD displays—8K or 4K—with glasses-free 3D technology?

SM: The higher resolution of 4K or 8K displays enhances the glasses-free, natural 3D experience by providing the extra resolution needed for crisp 3D images. 8K displays are by far the most breathtaking.

Lab Notes: Why has Sharp decided to work with Dolby and Philips on glasses-free 3D technology?

SM: Development of an 8K, glasses-free 3D display started when Dolby and Philips showed a keen interest in our 8K display technology. We’re impressed by state-of-the-art Philips optical technology and the Dolby 3D conversion technology co-developed by Dolby and Philips. We’re confident that our three companies can produce a 3D viewing experience that’s realistic, lifelike, and built to succeed.

We will continuously strive to develop our high resolution display technology, which we believe will lead to offering our customers a totally new 3D viewing sensation.

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