People used to say that television was missing lots of things—intelligent writing, strong acting, believable plots. But the best television content today is better than it’s ever been. There’s still something missing, though: two-thirds of the colors we can see in real life.

We’ve written a great deal recently about the limitations of current TV, from Dolby Executive Vice President Mike Rockwell’s piece “Is your TV bright enough?” to our recent post on the challenges of making TV images look realistic when so many colors are missing.

Sometimes, though, it’s easier to show the problem than it is to talk about it. That’s why we’ve produced this infographic on the phenomenon of TV’s missing colors.

What’s the solution to the missing colors problem? At Dolby, we’ve been working on a technology called Dolby Vision that we believe will revolutionize television, and it’s already starting to get noticed in publications like the Wall Street Journal and CNET. We plan to announce more details at CES in early January, so stay tuned.

Missing Colors infographic_640_short