We’ve all heard about the upcoming “console war,” the metaphorical battle between the Xbox® One and the PlayStation®4 for a place in our living rooms—and on our credit card statements. The phrase got the mad geniuses at Machinima, the global video entertainment network for young males, thinking: What if the war wasn’t so metaphorical?

Their new video, aptly named The Console War, shows the Xbox One, assisted by game character Master Chief of Halo fame, and the PlayStation 4, in league with Kratos from the Gods of War game series, battling for supremacy in a city street, armed with laser beams, guns, missiles, and even mini-nuclear weapons.

Which platform wins? In true choose-your-adventure style, that’s up to you. You are a key part of this battle, after all. You decide the winner of this fight at home—and you can choose the ending of the video.

Dolby teamed up with Machinima (pronounced “muh-SHIN-uh-muh”) to bring the battle to life with surround sound that puts you in the middle of the action. After all, great visuals deserve big sound. And gamers are accustomed to hearing Dolby® audio, which is supported on the last-generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360® and on the next-gen machines.

With 2.4 billion monthly video views and a larger daily audience than major cable networks, Machinima is already a top producer of made-for-web video. The company’s partnership with Dolby shows their ambition to drive online video’s production standards—especially for high-quality audio—ever higher.

At launch, the best place to hear the video’s full sound experience is on the Dolby website.

“Without quality audio, Machinima, like any form of animation, would feel lifeless. Dolby was kind enough to breathe life into our animation like never before,” a Machinima representative said. “5.1 has enabled us to take our production to the next level, and push the boundaries of what is surely to be the future of online content distribution.”

For a great look at the door-smashing, drill-revving, and foot-pounding that went into creating The Console War, check out Machinima’s behind-the-scenes video