When you’re shooting a movie about 3,000-ton creatures that rise up from the ocean to crunch cars, rip bridges, crash through buildings, and terrorize the earth, you want to get the sound just right. For Academy Award® winning writer-director Guillermo del Toro, that means using Dolby® Atmos™.

Speaking in front of the Dolby Theatre® in Hollywood at the July 9 premiere of Pacific Rim, del Toro made clear the importance of quality audio to filmmaking and to storytelling.

“To me, the world of sound is as important as the world of images,” said the director, “and they both need technological advances in order to be able to deliver the message to an audience. With [Dolby] Atmos, I found, creatively, a complete game-changer.

“I think that everybody talks about 3D imaging, and [Dolby] Atmos is 3D sound.”

Actor Rob Kazinsky, who plays Chuck Hansen, a “pilot” who controls one of the giant Jaeger robots that fight the terrifying creatures, described the total effect as “a hell of a thing, visually, audibly.”

“It’s a primal movie,” said the actor. “It’s dark. It’s shot in a very visceral way. You’re harking back to cavemen and what goes bump in the night, and the roaring and the screaming and this titanic clash of steel on flesh.”

Despite its subject matter, del Toro’s film is not your average popcorn blockbuster, according to Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan. Del Toro is “a creator of out-of-this-world universes carefully conceived down to the smallest detail” and “an architect of awe.”

“Filmgoers have learned that underestimating del Toro and what he can do on screen is something done at your peril,” Turan wrote.

The director says that using Dolby Atmos is an important element in delivering his creative vision. “I truly embrace [Dolby] Atmos,” said del Toro. “I think that every theatre should embrace it. And it’s my preferred format for mixing sound in the world right now.”

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