Dolby recently hosted an opening-night screening of Star Trek into Darkness for a group of journalists at its San Francisco screening room. Among the reporters on hand to experience the film in Dolby Atmos was Time’s Harry McCracken, who wrote that his ears were “dazzled.”

According to McCracken: “Even though Dolby’s screening room was small, the sound was big, and the on-screen action benefited throughout from the dimensionality of [Dolby] Atmos. Space, the final frontier, felt that much more real. Once or twice, I found myself reflexively ducking as something whooshed over my head.”

Read more of his impressions in his latest story for Time, which includes commentary from Will Files of Skywalker Sound, one of the world’s leading sound designers.

“If there’s [a Dolby] Atmos theater near you, your ears deserve to experience the technology for themselves,” he says in his article.

Find a Dolby Atmos equipped movie theater near you and let yourself be dazzled.

 Which summer movies do you plan to hear in Dolby Atmos?