When people think of Dolby, sound is the first thing that comes to mind. But Dolby is making a splash in the video world, too. Over the past decade, our scientists and research engineers have been hard at work to bring a higher level of fidelity to the images we see in the cinema, at home, and on mobile devices. Now you can see some of the results in Star Trek into Darkness, the latest blockbuster movie from renowned director J.J. Abrams.

It all starts with technologies that help filmmakers like Abrams achieve their creative vision. A couple of years ago, we released the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200, the most accurate video display available today. Why did Dolby create a video monitor when so many monitor models already exist? Quite simply, because professionals told us they wanted the same exceptional quality for video that they experience with Dolby® sound technologies.

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor is used throughout the filmmaking process, when color and image quality matter most, especially in color grading. This is the part of postproduction where the final edited scenes come together. An artist known as a colorist painstakingly goes scene by scene through the entire movie, carefully grading and enhancing the color of each shot to ensure that everything looks perfect to you in the theatre. Colorists and visual effects artists rely on the monitor’s ability to display rich colors to help them create perfectly graded scenes that capture the audience’s emotions.

Most recently, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor helped bring a bold new look Star Trek into Darkness. The monitor’s ability to reveal every detail in rendered images allowed the movie’s visual-effects artists more freedom to explore creative options, and it brought a new level of quality to the finished result. Experience it for yourself on the big screen. You won’t be disappointed.

You won’t find the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor in your home anytime soon because it’s strictly for professionals. But you’ll still get to see the results on hundreds of commercials, movies, and television shows. It has even earned Dolby an Emmy® Award and has been named the new standard for critical viewing—a great achievement for a company not previously known for video products.

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What scene in Star Trek into Darkness really came to life for you with its brilliant or muted colors?