Members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have until February 19 to cast their votes for Academy Award® picks. Meanwhile, the rest of us hope that they make their selections based on the objectivity that comes with their expertise—and everyone watching at home hopes that their personal favorites win a golden statuette or two at the Dolby® Theatre(SM) on February 24.

Entertainment site has provided its readers an insider’s insight into the nominees for sound mixing. “Ear on the Oscars” is an exclusive series of interviews by reporters with the teams behind Argo, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, and Skyfall.

First in the series is a profile of Life of Pi re-recording mixers Douglas Hemphill and Ronald Bartlett. A new profile will be featured periodically through February 19, when Academy members must turn in their votes.

Doug and Ron also recently participated in an industry panel discussion and behind-the-scenes analysis of the Life of Pi soundtrack, hosted by David Gray, Vice President, Global Services and Industry Relations, Dolby Laboratories. Also on the panel were moderator Stuart Bowling, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Dolby; Ted Gagliano, President of Feature Post Production at Twentieth Century Fox; Erin Rettig, Dolby Atmos™ Mix Tech, Life of Pi; and Andy Potvin, Senior Staff Engineer at Dolby.

Visit the Soundworks Collection site for more video about the sound mix in Life of Pi.

What movie is your Oscar pick for great sound?