As John McClane heads to Red Square in Moscow, fans of the Die Hard franchise will hear all the gripping action in Dolby® Atmos. A Good Day to Die Hard premieres in Hong Kong and Singapore on Feb. 7, and in US theatres on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2013. Die Hard fans’ beloved protagonist, played by Bruce Willis, helps his estranged son—now a CIA operative—maneuver through a nuclear-weapons terrorist situation.

Die Hard was a 1988 Academy Award® nominee for sound and sound effects editing. According to IMDb trivia, director John McTiernan wanted hyperreal firearm sound effects—and instead of using studio library effects, the sound crew recorded the appropriate weapons fire with live ammunition. Now, Dolby Atmos puts you right where the director wants you—in the sound of the action.

Later this spring, European audiences will be pulled into the heart of two more thrillers mixed in Dolby Atmos. Four teens in Lost Place wreak havoc when they reactivate a Cold War–era military radio tower. The German production will screen at the prestigious Berlinale film festival in February and open in Germany on April 11. Audiences will be enthralled by Trance, a UK production in which a crime gang and a hypnotherapist become intertwined in the hunt for a lost painting. As noted in the Hollywood Reporter, all three films will get international distribution, so action lovers everywhere can look forward to a thrilling spring.

What action do you most want to hear in good thriller?

A Good Day to Die Hard featured in Dolby Atmos