It used to be that with all the focus on the convenience of those small devices that fit in your purse and pocket, you may have never given sound quality a second thought. Now you can.

In fact, there’s no reason to skimp on sound when you’re shopping for a smartphone or tablet to give or “self-gift.” More than ever, we’re using our mobile devices to stream movies, listen to music, and catch up on shows we missed. And if sound quality is important to our phone conversations, surely it makes a difference when we use smartphones and tablets to enjoy all kinds of entertainment.

Five essential features will make your gift sound great:

(1) Built-in speakers let you share that great new song or video with someone else. For the best sound, look for external—preferably stereo—speakers mounted on opposite sides of the device and facing you or facing outward, to create a wider audio field. If there is only one speaker, make sure it’s centered at the top or bottom of the smartphone or tablet.

(2) Support for high-quality audio formats lets you enjoy a range of content and file formats without comprising on quality.

(3) HD compatibility gives you options for watching movies and shows from your smartphone or tablet on other devices in your living room by connecting them through HDMI® or wirelessly through DLNA® technology—without compromising any aspect of the HD-quality experience.

(4) Built-in playback volume control handles the transition between different types of media, from dialogue to music and back, so you never have to make the adjustment yourself. And audio boost capability helps you get the most out of those built-in speakers, without distortion.

(5) Naturally, Dolby® sound—listed in the products’ features or marked by the double-D logo on the item—is your assurance that the smartphone or tablet will give you a more balanced and natural listening experience, even over headphones and from device speakers.

Take this list when you’re shopping—and sound off here on your reason to give or get a gift that sounds great.

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