You might have read that Amazon today revealed the next-generation Kindle Fire™ device, the Kindle Fire HD. We’re  proud to announce that launching with this landmark product is the next-generation Dolby® Digital Plus™ for tablets, which sets the new standard for high-quality sound in mobile entertainment.

Years ago, few could have guessed that we would be watching movies, listening to music, and playing games with our smartphones and tablets. But while entertainment has become more personal and more portable with the advent of ultrabooks, smartphones, and tablets, we find ourselves sacrificing quality for convenience, and immersiveness for immediacy. Already a standard element of great living room entertainment experiences, Dolby Digital Plus for tablets takes 40+ years of entertainment immersion experience and brings the high-quality sound you want to a place you don’t expect it—in your tablet.

With content from YouTube and Netflix readily available on tablets, it’s no surprise that online entertainment has come a long way and is more popular than ever. Here’s the rub—from the craziest extreme sports videos, like Jeb Corliss’ “Grinding the Crack,” to the new season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” the soundtracks for these experiences aren’t produced the same way. The people who create audio technology here at Dolby understand that sound is 50% of the entertainment experience. Therefore, we feel that just because you are on a tablet, you don’t have to be cheated out of 50% of your movie or video. Also, you might notice that your tablet’s speakers are small and/or compromises were made on where the speakers are placed.

It’s not as if that drop-off in quality is going unnoticed, either—according to a June 2011 survey from CEA, only 10% of consumers thought that smartphones and tablets featured excellent sound quality. It’s hard to argue with the other 90% of consumers, so we’re bringing fuller sound to smaller spaces with Dolby Digital Plus on tablets.

Only Dolby has the expertise and the partnerships to ensure quality audio from the time it’s created to when it’s experienced. Because Dolby Digital Plus affects both ends of the equation—both encoding and decoding audio tracks—it’s not just about sprucing up shoddy sound with equalizers and filters. It’s about protecting the content creator’s vision and connecting that vision the best way possible with consumers who enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and music on mobile devices.

Let’s face it—mobile entertainment experiences on tablets are rising, with over 50% of tablet owners using their devices to view video, but those same people thought that they couldn’t get high-quality audio from their devices. Dolby Digital Plus for tablets puts that myth to bed, achieving an audio experience in line with what Dolby has always delivered: giving you the chance to choose great audio wherever you go.

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