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“The Console War” like you’ve never seen—or heard—it before

We’ve all heard about the upcoming “console war,” the metaphorical battle between the Xbox® One and the PlayStation®4 for a place in our living rooms—and on our...

E3 reveals powerful mobile audio with Dolby Digital Plus

Attendees at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, had the opportunity to experience what’s next with headphone audio on mobile devices, thanks to Qualcomm® technology and Dolby® Digital...

Sound meets silicon

Did you know you might not have to worry about running out of battery life when you’re watching a movie on your smartphone—and that it’s going to sound a whole lot better, too? Dolby and Qualcomm are collaborating to help smartphone and tablet makers bring great Dolby® sound to mobile entertainment. It’s a sound-meets-silicon story….

Who cares about mobile sound?

At Dolby, we believe that sound is an essential element of all great entertainment experiences, whether in the cinema, at home on TV, or on a smartphone or tablet. To find out whether consumers felt the same way, we asked market researchers at Parks Associates to survey tablet and smartphone owners in the United States,…