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Dolby Atmos for home theaters: FAQ

By Brett Crockett, Director of Sound Research Earlier this week, our hardware partners announced that Dolby Atmos®, the revolutionary cinema sound technology used in hits like Gravity and Godzilla, would be coming to home theaters. The news was covered all over the world and sparked lots of excited discussion among entertainment fans and audio enthusiasts….

Dolby Atmos: Coming soon to a living room near you

By Brett Crockett, Director of Sound Research As the Director of Sound Research here at Dolby, I take my audio very seriously. This includes, of course, having...

How to make your Oscars party sound great

If you’re having an Oscars® party, chances are you’ve got your ballots, popcorn, and possibly a drinking game or two all planned out. But before you settle...


Sharp to demonstrate world’s largest glasses-free 3D TV, developed with Philips and Dolby

When you have a great idea, it’s a fantastic feeling to see it play out in a really big way. That’s the feeling we have here at...