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Six decades of Oscars openings

In preparation for the Oscars ceremony on March 2 in the Dolby Theatre, let’s take a dash through the decades of wild, glitzy Academy Award openings, from the very first televised Oscars through the stylish 1960s, gaudy 1970s, and beyond. 1953 (the first Oscars telecast): 1965: 1973: 1981: 1996: 2002:


Working backstage at the Oscars? Better bring your A-game

For actors and filmmakers nominated for an Academy Award®, the Oscars® ceremony brings moments of high tension as the presenters introduce their category, fumble with the envelope,...

How a movie gets from the film set to you

A good movie has its stars, but many people play a supporting role in bringing that movie to you, whether at the cinema, in your living room,...

Two Dolby Atmos films nominated for sound Oscars

“We’d like to thank the Academy …” Just kidding. We at Dolby won’t get to give an Oscars® acceptance speech this year (though our company and employees...